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Week 7 – Day 3 — General Wellness

“How have you been?”  What a loaded question!  I always smile and answer it without thinking.  “Not bad!”, “Great!”, “Same old, same old”….

Today someone asked me this standard pleasantry.  I felt he had a genuine interest, so I gave him a genuine answer.  Can you guess what it was?   


Ha!  In all seriousness, that was my response and it was a quick one.  Ironic?  Somewhat.  The difference is that this time around my answer wasn’t empty.  I thought about it and came to the conclusion that  I have created for myself a general feeling of wellness.

For me a general feeling of wellness is feeling positive, on top of things, sharp, playful, etc.  I attribute this all to the journey that I have been on for the past 6.5 weeks.  I feel like I am regaining control.  My mind is right – I am beginning to understand the importance of balance. 

So why am I so content?  What has this journey done for me?  Well, how about a pie analogy (who doesn’t love pie?)  If I were a pie with many pieces, each piece representing a part of my identity, what would each piece be? 

 My focus has shifted to the things in my life that are the most important.  I have let go of my belief that competing is part of who I am, and have placed that energy where it needs to be.  No more worrying about getting the exercise in and eating chicken!

This road that I am on is a great one…things are being put into perspective.  And… I feel great!


Week 6 – Day 4 — Mental State = Positive

It is so snowy outside!  I’m talking blizzard conditions!

This has been a good week so far.  My diet is going well and the circuits are still good.  As I’ve written before, this is becoming more of a mental journey than anything else.

A friend and I often meet for coffee and discuss our issues with nutrition and training.  She is in the same boat as me – former body-builder with slowed metabolism as a result of drastically losing weight.  The last time we met, there just happened to be a local university newspaper on the table at the coffee shop.  Low and behold…there was an article titled “It’s Not About Food”.  That article was meant to be there, I just know it!

The article was about a support group for university students with food issues.  The group meets one night a week for 6 weeks.  Well, didn’t we jump at the chance to contact the author of the article!!  We have now been accepted as members of the group.  I am really excited about it.  I am so looking forward to meeting other people with the same issues as me.

We may also get the chance to speak to a group of nursing students about our story.  This is great!  I hope that our respective stories will help others to understand what can happen with a drastic weight loss.  Not only physically, but mentally too. 

My current mental state = positive. 

Take care,


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