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Week 4 – Day 1 — Internal Dialogue

I read something recently that has been stuck in my head: “If you have an internal dialogue when eating anything, then you have a problem”.  I deal with this everyday! 

I just ate my breakfast:  3 Wasa crisps with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter, and 1 cup of strawberries. 

My internal dialogue:  “There’s a lot of fat in the peanut butter.  I wonder if I should skip the strawberries?  Ooohhh…those Christmas chocolates look good.  No, I won’t have one.  There’s an anniversary party today, I’ll have  treat there”. 

I agree that this is a problem.  It is going to be a long journey to get to a place where my diet does not control my life.  I will get there though, and it will be amazing!

Do you have a similar internal dialogue?  What are your strategies for quashing it?

The holidays are almost done for another year.  It has been filled with family, smiles, and a lot of food!  I think that letting go of the diet over the holidays is smart.  Otherwise, the restricting may lead to overindulging.  It also let me enjoy my time, without having to worry about what I was going to eat at a family function (although…you know that I did anyway – habit!)

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and input.  This blogging experience has been excellent so far.  It is therapeutic! 

Take care,


Week 3 – Day 4 — Bump


Well, today I fell off the wagon.  I made brownies last night…and ate a FEW of them today.  I immediately felt terrible.  Guilty, upset that I ate them, you know the drill.

But, you know what?  It wasn’t even that bad!  I have to follow my own words and get my mind right.  Beating myself up about a treat is not going to get me anywhere!  So, I have stopped.  I am now back on the wagon.  This was just a little bump.  Onward and upward!

Today I had a brownie

Chocolatey and sweet!

Tomorrow is a new day

I will not have a treat!

The holidays are such a difficult time to stick to a diet.  I will do the best that I can…and not beat myself up about a treat here and there 🙂 

Is anyone else having the same struggles?  What are your strategies?

Take care,


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