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Week 20 – Day 6 — Catchy Motivation

I went to see a bodybuilding show today.  Everyone looked fantastic!  There was a lot of hard work and dedication!  It was fun to be in the crowd watching, as opposed to being part of the show.  I definitely enjoyed it.

It is fantastic to see people reach their goals.  The competitors presented themselves very professionally, and you could see their pride and enthusiasm shining through.  What a wonderful experience!

My motivation is through the roof.  I think I may have caught it from the competitors at the show today 🙂  There is nothing like seeing what is possible, to give you that extra push.

I am feeling fine!  I started a new nutrition plan this week, and have endless energy 🙂  Woot!  Now I have increased motivation to boot!

Go me!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!



Week 19 – Day 5 — Comfort Zone = No Change Zone!

It seems as though I am a Friday night kind of blogger 🙂

This was my third week back at the gym – back in my old stomping grounds!

When I was training for competition I loved being in the gym.  I loved everything about it.  At that time I was really comfortable in my skin and throwing a bit of weight around didn’t bother me one bit.

Up until three weeks ago I had been doing the majority of my workouts at home.  I really enjoyed this because I didn’t have to worry about the “gym crowd” being around.  I would saunter down to my basement and get my workout in.  This quickly became my comfort zone.

Or was it my “No Change Zone”?  Let me try to explain what I mean…

The recent changes in my training plan have me back at the gym.  This was really tough for me at first (gym anxiety).  I was nervous about seeing people there that I used to see when I was in competition shape.  I was constantly worried about what they were thinking…if they would think I had just given up.  I kind of sort of maybe really wanted to walk around with a sign on my back that said “Metabolically Damaged”.

Summary of my last three weeks’ gym experience:

Week 1 – Ahhhhh!!!!  This is terrible!  I just want to go back home, put on my jammies and crawl into bed.

Week 2 – OK Melissa, it’s OK.  You’re doing great.  Whatever you do, do not make eye contact.

Week 3 – This isn’t so bad.  Stop pretending like you don’t see people!  Say hi!  You’re working on being healthy…and so is everyone else in the gym!

I have learned that you have to be uncomfortable to make progress.  Nothing will change if you do the same things all the time.  Getting out of your comfort zone is key!

Great changes are a comin’!  I just have to keep pushing myself – and keep stepping outside of what I am used to.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Week 18 – Day 7 — Measuring Progress

I hit a small speed-bump along my road to recovery this week.  It was the “Progress” speed-bump.

I have been moving along on this journey fairly well.  I have made healthy changes in my life through following a nutrition and training plan to a “T”.

Then came ….the bump!

I decided to hop on the scale, just for kicks.  To my surprise the number on the scale was the exact same as when I started this process 18 weeks ago.  This surprised me, and brought me down a few notches.  All I could think was, “with all of the changes that I have made…why is that number being so stubborn?”

After a bit of time, I came to my senses.  My progress is not entirely measured by the number on the scale.

Since starting this process I can name a number of areas in my life that have improved.  I am happier.  I have time to do the things that I love.  I have a healthier relationship with food.  I have a plan and know that I am moving in the right direction.

For me, progress is steady improvement.  Dropping weight quickly is what got me into this mess…dropping it slowly will help to get me out of it!

Thank you for reading my progress thoughts!  Enjoy your holiday!


Week 17 – Day 1 — Gym Anxiety

Well…today was day one of my new program. Up until today I’ve been doing all of my workouts at home. Today I ventured back into the weight room at the gym. I used to walk around that place and not blink an eye – it wouldn’t bother me at all!

Today was hard. I really struggled with it. I wore really baggy clothes and tried to hide my way through my workout. I wanted to draw as little attention as possible…which was hard because my program includes exercises that make me look like a crazy person!!!

This is a complete shift from how I used to be. I used to love the gym. I still like it, but wish I could have it all to myself:).

I pushed through it. I may feel defeated on one front, but I feel great on another.  I’m on week 17!  Week 17 of a program and diet that I can maintain and enjoy.

I’ll get comfortable at the gym again. You have to step out of your comfort zone to make changes right?!  Well then – change is a comin’!

Do you get gym anxiety?  How do you deal with it?

Positive disruption = positive change!!


Week 15 – Day 6 — Chewing off bite sized pieces of a full plate

I am awake at 6am on a Sunday so that I can go get my workout in…yes this is voluntary!  There is no pressing reason for me to REALLY be doing this, I just want to.

I know what you’re thinking, “This girl is off her rocker!  It’s Sunday.  Go back to bed!” 

I used to go to the gym because I had to.  I had to get myself stage ready.  The thought of walking on stage in high heels and wearing next to nothing was pretty good motivation!  The issue with this is that I didn’t enjoy it.  I didn’t really want to be at the gym.  It became one more thing that I had to do.  It was like I tried to put too many things on my plate, because if it was overflowing and I was managing it, then everyone would see how capable I was.

I used to tell people about my jam-packed existence with pride, now I look back at it and find it a bit scary!!  What I was working toward actually started to define me — not good!  I am so glad those days are over! 

These days I enjoy my gym time.  It’ is just challenging enough and not overly time-consuming.  I find I work hard because I enjoy it.   No more just going through the motions! 

I’m happier and healthier in all facets of my life.  I have struck a good balance.  I’m taking on the world in a sensible way, and scrapping my old “pile it on” frame of mind 🙂

Onward and upward!



Week 14 – Day 5 — Milestone!

I’ve never been so excited about taking so long to lose a bit of weight!

Wow, nearly a full 15 weeks in!  15 weeks is really significant for me.  This is the longest I’ve stuck with a program since I last competed.  The last time I competed, I dieted for 15 weeks and lost 30lbs.  This time around, I honestly think I may have lost maybe 5lbs?  And that’s a definite maybe!

5 lbs vs. 30…. and I am so ok with it!  For the past 15 weeks I have learned to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is not overly demanding.  I eat clean, I exercise about 45 minutes 5 days a week, and that’s it!  Oh, and I’ll have a treat once in awhile 🙂  I really feel like my metabolism may be starting to realize that I am not going to put it through the ringer again.

Go me!  This new program is definitely paying off.  I’m a happier, healthier version of myself.

Happier Healthier Me!

Photo taken by my 4 year old son, as I lace up his skates 🙂 Not the most flattering...but it captures my current outlook on life!



Week 13 – Day 5 — Rest Required!

I had a bit of a hiccup this week. Diet and training were both great, but I came down with a terrible cold!

Now, this was hard for me. I’ve got a good routine going, and this cold interrupted it! I felt like missing a workout was going to put an end to all of my progress.

Then…I gave my head a shake. When I’m sick I need to rest! My progress will continue. It is not based on one workout. It is based on a lifestyle change. So, chalk one up for me! I’m getting used to this long term healthiness-and realizing that one workout missed is not the end of the world. Go me!!

Does anyone else out there have similar thoughts?

Take care,

Week 12 – Day 7 — Lighter?

People are starting to comment that I have lost weight. I’m really not sure that I have (refuse to step on the scale), but I’ll take the compliments nonetheless!

I’ve been on this road for 12 weeks. I have learned to eat healthy for the longterm, instead of for a short term purpose. I have also learned that exercise can be challenging AND enjoyable – and can be less than an hour a day. This is a lifestyle, not a quick fix.

I HAVE lost weight in a sense. I’ve lost the pressure to look a certain way and the emotional weight that goes with that. I feel a lot lighter in that sense 🙂

It’s not easy. It is still challenging!! But I am starting to see that there is life after competition. It feels pretty great! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Take care,

Week 10 – Day 2 — Triggers

I miss chocolate.

I have been so good!  I think I will treat myself tomorrow 🙂  I’m really cognizant of my cravings.  After  being so focused on food for so long, and now trying to get away from that way of being, I am fully aware of my triggers.  You know, the things in your life that just make you want to eat everything in sight.

I know that one of my triggers is being too restrictive with my diet.  If I go too long without a little treat, I start to think about it…then think about it some more…then really really think about it…eventually I’m pretty much dreaming about it!  When it gets to that point, I’m about ready to buy out the chocolate stock at the local grocery store.

So, now that I am in full control of my nutrition, and am aware of my cravings – I am going to have a piece of chocolate before I go over the edge and into chocolate heaven!!

What are your triggers?  How often do you treat yourself?  Are you able to stop at just a piece? 

I know that two months ago, I would eat more than my fill of chocolate.  Not anymore!  Success!!!

Happy Treating!


Week 8 – Day 7 — Being “Present”

Do you ever feel like you’re just present? Like you’re there where you’re supposed to be, but you’re not really fully there?

When I was training for a show…I think this started happening to me – and then it continued for a long time after. I would be at work or at a family function and be somewhere else mentally. I’d be thinking about when I would get my workout in that day, or where I could get some broccoli and chicken!!

I’m working on being in the moment – on being physically and mentally present. Suddenly my weekends at home with my little guy mean so much more!!! I am really learning to cherish these times and making sure take it all in 100%.

Wow! What a journey this is. I’m learning a lot!

Until next time!

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