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Week 17 – Day 6 — Ode to Girl Guide Cookies

Girl Guide Cookies

What is it that I can’t resist?

I’ve never had so much trouble with this.

Chocolate or vanilla, it’s up to me,

And all for a good cause it seems.

Stopping at one just can’t be done.

It  looks as though you have won.

Just what you do to me I’ll never quite know,

Why am I addicted to half-assed oreos?!



Week 16 – Day 6 — Change taking up too much thought space

Change… how do you feel when you hear/read that word?  I suppose it depends on the context it is used in.

For me it goes something like this:

Spare change = Yay!  Coffee money!

Change initiated by me = Changes that I think are positive and needed.

Change of any other kind = Let me stew on this for a bit and figure out how I feel about it.

There is something lingering in my mind and gaining more and more thought space as the days pass by.  There are some big changes in my not so distant future.  We are moving to another province, have to sell our house, pack all of our belongings and make the trek before Fall.  It really isn’t too far from where we live now, but it is just far enough from all of our family and friends.

Now, I am a positive person, but I am having trouble with this one.  I need some extra positive energy.  I have no motivation to get my house ready for sale.  I think that if I could find some positives about this move I would have that umph that I need!  In a previous blog post I discussed positive vs. negative motivation….I think I need some positive motivation!!

Help!!  What do you do when change shakes things up for you?  Do you put a positive spin on it and use that energy to keep moving forward?

Currently unmotivated and distressed!


Week 15 – Day 6 — Chewing off bite sized pieces of a full plate

I am awake at 6am on a Sunday so that I can go get my workout in…yes this is voluntary!  There is no pressing reason for me to REALLY be doing this, I just want to.

I know what you’re thinking, “This girl is off her rocker!  It’s Sunday.  Go back to bed!” 

I used to go to the gym because I had to.  I had to get myself stage ready.  The thought of walking on stage in high heels and wearing next to nothing was pretty good motivation!  The issue with this is that I didn’t enjoy it.  I didn’t really want to be at the gym.  It became one more thing that I had to do.  It was like I tried to put too many things on my plate, because if it was overflowing and I was managing it, then everyone would see how capable I was.

I used to tell people about my jam-packed existence with pride, now I look back at it and find it a bit scary!!  What I was working toward actually started to define me — not good!  I am so glad those days are over! 

These days I enjoy my gym time.  It’ is just challenging enough and not overly time-consuming.  I find I work hard because I enjoy it.   No more just going through the motions! 

I’m happier and healthier in all facets of my life.  I have struck a good balance.  I’m taking on the world in a sensible way, and scrapping my old “pile it on” frame of mind 🙂

Onward and upward!



Week 14 – Day 5 — Milestone!

I’ve never been so excited about taking so long to lose a bit of weight!

Wow, nearly a full 15 weeks in!  15 weeks is really significant for me.  This is the longest I’ve stuck with a program since I last competed.  The last time I competed, I dieted for 15 weeks and lost 30lbs.  This time around, I honestly think I may have lost maybe 5lbs?  And that’s a definite maybe!

5 lbs vs. 30…. and I am so ok with it!  For the past 15 weeks I have learned to maintain a healthy lifestyle that is not overly demanding.  I eat clean, I exercise about 45 minutes 5 days a week, and that’s it!  Oh, and I’ll have a treat once in awhile 🙂  I really feel like my metabolism may be starting to realize that I am not going to put it through the ringer again.

Go me!  This new program is definitely paying off.  I’m a happier, healthier version of myself.

Happier Healthier Me!

Photo taken by my 4 year old son, as I lace up his skates 🙂 Not the most flattering...but it captures my current outlook on life!



Week 11 – Day 7 — Thoughts…

Well hello!  It is a beautiful day here in Atlantic Canada.  The sun is shining, and it is getting warmer and warmer these days.  I love it when the days get longer!  It definitely brings up the spirits!

I’m eating almond butter, Wasa crisps and drinking my morning coffee.  My little guy just finished his breakfast and is watching Looney Toons with his dad.  Life it good!  I really enjoy our Sunday mornings here at home – quiet and relaxing.

When I have this relaxation time, I tend to think.  Last night and today, my head has been spinning, constantly thinking of how technology has drastically changed our world is such a short amount of time.  Technology can do just about anything for us now.  We can stay in touch with people 24/7 be it through text message, facetime, or phone conversation.  We can learn our BMI by stepping on a scale.  We can post videos and photos just taken to social media sites for the world to see.  We can make one cup of coffee at a time (I love this one).  There are even cars that will park for us!

When I was younger, if someone had of told me what the world was going to look like nowadays, I am not sure that I would have believed them.  Now I am wondering what it is going to look like 10-20 years from now.  What kind of technology will my son grow up with?  He is already accustomed to touch screen technology.  Will he grow up in a world where keyboards are part of the past?  It is interesting to think about…

This brings me to my point.  Technology is in a constant state of new.  As consumers we explore the latest and greatest gadgets, etc all the time.  How do we incorporate this into our current existence?  Are we handling all of the newness well?  For example, when I grew up text messages did not exist.  Now for kids, text messaging and instant messaging are normal.  How do we ensure they are responsible with this technology?  Bullying seems to be more of an issue these days…online bullying too…is it due to a lack of educating kids to be responsible?  It is definitely easier to say something not so nice in a text or message, when the reader is not right in front of your face.  Are we being somewhat removed from reality?

This is true for adults as well.  I am guilty of being on my iPhone quite a bit.  I need to really think about when I use it.  Am I cutting into family time?  Am I paying attention to my phone when I should be paying attention to my family?  I am making a point to take breaks from it.  Like today (minus blogging), I will be spending the morning with my son – sans phone.  This way I can assure he is getting my undivided attention.

Do we need to plan breaks from technology?  I think that “powering off” once in a while will definitely help us to “reboot” (couldn’t resist – I am a sucker for corny jokes)!

Thank you for reading my rant – completely unrelated to training and diet 🙂  Now, back to my relaxing Sunday….




Week 9 – Day 3 — Happiness

What makes you happy?  A friend of mine told me recently that she needs to make some changes in her life because she deserves to be happy.  This got me thinking. 

Happiness is a tricky thing.  How do we figure out what will make us happy?  Once we commit to an idea of happiness, are we able to move on when it doesn’t work out?  Are we able to ever achieve true happiness? 

I am guilty of searching for happiness.  Grasping onto ideas that I believe will result in sunshine, puppies and kittens!  I would throw myself into achieving extreme goals, and achieve some of them…only to feel a disservice in the end.  No matter what, my idea of happiness just did not happen.  In some cases it made me miserable.

Now, I am a positive person but that last paragraph is downright sad!  The point is, up until now I have been searching for happiness outside of myself:

  • Being in my best shape possible will make me happy – Nope!  It’ll make me tired and a bit cranky!
  • Getting my Masters will make me happy – Not yet…so far it’s made me really busy!

The list goes on!

The journey has morphed from physical health to mental as well.  I find that I am searching within and really thinking about life and my focus.  Today my happiness is a result of knowing I have control over my life.  I guess you could say I am being more assertive with myself.  I spend my time where I want to (family!), I maintain a healthy reasonable diet, I have  a maintainable exercise regime, the list goes on.  I have changed my view of myself, and am  becoming ok with being me. 

I believe that happiness is a result of being ok with yourself.  The things that you think make you happy – really take a step back and think about them.  Are you constantly stressed while working toward your goal?  Not to say that I do not experience stress, but these days it is a lot less!

We DO deserve to be happy!! 

This friend of mine is wise.  She looked within and is making a change for her well-being – letting go of social expectations for her own happiness.  Very admirable!

Thanks for reading my happiness rant 🙂


Oh…and my diet and nutrition are going well too! – Thought I had better provide an update…since that what my blog was originally about!


Week 8 – Day 7 — Being “Present”

Do you ever feel like you’re just present? Like you’re there where you’re supposed to be, but you’re not really fully there?

When I was training for a show…I think this started happening to me – and then it continued for a long time after. I would be at work or at a family function and be somewhere else mentally. I’d be thinking about when I would get my workout in that day, or where I could get some broccoli and chicken!!

I’m working on being in the moment – on being physically and mentally present. Suddenly my weekends at home with my little guy mean so much more!!! I am really learning to cherish these times and making sure take it all in 100%.

Wow! What a journey this is. I’m learning a lot!

Until next time!

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