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Week 2 – Day 3

Being back on the “diet” train is hard on the head.  Prepping food is time-consuming, and a bit frustrating!  However, I have been saving money by not buying lunch throughout the day at work.  I will stick with it though.  This is one time where my stubborness is a good thing!!  It’s me against my metabolism!  Who will win?

The training is going well…so far so good.  I am able to do my workouts at home (which I love)!  I also have a little bit of a fear of getting back to the gym, so it is actually working out really well for me.  I am hoping to see some results soon so that I can not be so hard on myself. 

That’s another thing – guaging results.  How will I do it?  I am definitely staying away from the scale.  I think I’ll go by the way my clothes fit.  NOT my clothes from when I was competing of course!!  That would make me lose my mind for sure!!

Any figure competitors out there with a slowed metabolism?  If so, chime in!  I would love to discuss this experience with someone. 

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