Week 19 – Day 5 — Comfort Zone = No Change Zone!

It seems as though I am a Friday night kind of blogger 🙂

This was my third week back at the gym – back in my old stomping grounds!

When I was training for competition I loved being in the gym.  I loved everything about it.  At that time I was really comfortable in my skin and throwing a bit of weight around didn’t bother me one bit.

Up until three weeks ago I had been doing the majority of my workouts at home.  I really enjoyed this because I didn’t have to worry about the “gym crowd” being around.  I would saunter down to my basement and get my workout in.  This quickly became my comfort zone.

Or was it my “No Change Zone”?  Let me try to explain what I mean…

The recent changes in my training plan have me back at the gym.  This was really tough for me at first (gym anxiety).  I was nervous about seeing people there that I used to see when I was in competition shape.  I was constantly worried about what they were thinking…if they would think I had just given up.  I kind of sort of maybe really wanted to walk around with a sign on my back that said “Metabolically Damaged”.

Summary of my last three weeks’ gym experience:

Week 1 – Ahhhhh!!!!  This is terrible!  I just want to go back home, put on my jammies and crawl into bed.

Week 2 – OK Melissa, it’s OK.  You’re doing great.  Whatever you do, do not make eye contact.

Week 3 – This isn’t so bad.  Stop pretending like you don’t see people!  Say hi!  You’re working on being healthy…and so is everyone else in the gym!

I have learned that you have to be uncomfortable to make progress.  Nothing will change if you do the same things all the time.  Getting out of your comfort zone is key!

Great changes are a comin’!  I just have to keep pushing myself – and keep stepping outside of what I am used to.

Have a great weekend everyone!



About worktomend

I am a former figure competitor struggling with finding "normal" ways to train and diet. Follow me in my struggles on my road to recovery. View all posts by worktomend

8 responses to “Week 19 – Day 5 — Comfort Zone = No Change Zone!

  • bajwa007

    good luck!

  • SammiPFitMe

    Being uncomfortable is what makes people change…or stay the same and dwell on their misery. You know your goals and what you are doing to reach them. We have to stop being concerned about other peoples thoughts of us and how we have changed. Do you go to the gym judging people on their progress-or how they used to look one way and now look like they may have given up? Probably not…we’re all in the gym, aren’t we? We’re all working towards something. Keep pushing yourself…we feel so much better after our daily physical accomplishments, rather than doing nothing and continuing to be uncomfortable. 🙂

  • coachchinh

    Yay! I’m glad you kept it up and realized it wasn’t so bad. And yes, one of my favorite quotes is “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” I tell myself this all the time haha! 🙂

  • Melanie

    Good for you! The gym is an intimidating place!! I do get a much better workout when I go to the gym though. I usually just pretend I’m confident and get it done. Good luck!

  • sweetopiagirl

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  • ridiculiscious

    Hey perhaps you find my blog useful: ridiculiscious.wordpress.com. It has some recipes that I collect when I am in a ‘healthy’ mood (not now :-/) and I still have to expand it, but, have a look if you like.

  • leegaldeeva

    I haven’t been able to work out in a while. I wake up in time. I can get dressed for it. But I have no energy. I don’t know what to do (I know you’re thinking “just go!”…) but for the first time in my life, I simply cannot self-motivate. Struggling over here :-/

    • worktomend

      You can do it!! Visualize how you will feel when you are done your workout. Think of how good you will feel. After a week or two, your motivation will return full force! It is getting through this hiccup that can be tough – but once you are through – you will be so motivated!

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