Week 16 – Day 6 — Change taking up too much thought space

Change… how do you feel when you hear/read that word?  I suppose it depends on the context it is used in.

For me it goes something like this:

Spare change = Yay!  Coffee money!

Change initiated by me = Changes that I think are positive and needed.

Change of any other kind = Let me stew on this for a bit and figure out how I feel about it.

There is something lingering in my mind and gaining more and more thought space as the days pass by.  There are some big changes in my not so distant future.  We are moving to another province, have to sell our house, pack all of our belongings and make the trek before Fall.  It really isn’t too far from where we live now, but it is just far enough from all of our family and friends.

Now, I am a positive person, but I am having trouble with this one.  I need some extra positive energy.  I have no motivation to get my house ready for sale.  I think that if I could find some positives about this move I would have that umph that I need!  In a previous blog post I discussed positive vs. negative motivation….I think I need some positive motivation!!

Help!!  What do you do when change shakes things up for you?  Do you put a positive spin on it and use that energy to keep moving forward?

Currently unmotivated and distressed!



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8 responses to “Week 16 – Day 6 — Change taking up too much thought space

  • jensine

    I think change is almost always good … when having to move the trick is to make a game out of it. You won’t the believe that things you unearth when packing up … a bit like a treasure hunt for lost loves. And maybe by moving a little bit away from friends and family you can become closer in other ways. Sleepovers are things we did in our teens but how many times do you still do it with friends UNLESS they live to far away to travel. And there is nothing like those talks between 12 and 4am in the morning? ANd who doesn’t love a good road trip?

  • thehealthyfitdiva

    Hey girl! I know how hard and stressful moving can be. I’ve done it like a million times before. The thing that keeps me motivated is knowing how exciting it will be to explore a new area. Also I will get to make new memories in a different house, may meet some new lovely people, but still never forget friends from your previous place. You are still close enough to go and visit so that’s a big plus! And you get the added fun of shopping for a new place 🙂 I know it’s hard but you can do this!

  • thewondermya

    Wow I’ve been moving a lot and at the beginning of the year I even packed out and moved a house… that wasn’t mine… I had to deal withe verything including the new bed from the shop having a faulty and the movers’ truck breaking down in front of the house. I was exhausted, tired, cranky and anything negative you can talk about…
    However I was so happy it was done, I was so happy the old huse was gone because it was super hard to maintain in a good condition and the nw place is just great ! Each time I walk in there I feel super proud I overcame all the obstacles because I can say I did it, I did 90 % of all the work in there… what a feeling !
    So I relate to your low feelings, sure. I can also tell you after there is some exhiliration at the corner !

  • readytochangenow

    I love that phrase – something lingering in my mind….change means struggle for me – either I am trying to stop it or start it.

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