Week 9 – Day 3 — Happiness

What makes you happy?  A friend of mine told me recently that she needs to make some changes in her life because she deserves to be happy.  This got me thinking. 

Happiness is a tricky thing.  How do we figure out what will make us happy?  Once we commit to an idea of happiness, are we able to move on when it doesn’t work out?  Are we able to ever achieve true happiness? 

I am guilty of searching for happiness.  Grasping onto ideas that I believe will result in sunshine, puppies and kittens!  I would throw myself into achieving extreme goals, and achieve some of them…only to feel a disservice in the end.  No matter what, my idea of happiness just did not happen.  In some cases it made me miserable.

Now, I am a positive person but that last paragraph is downright sad!  The point is, up until now I have been searching for happiness outside of myself:

  • Being in my best shape possible will make me happy – Nope!  It’ll make me tired and a bit cranky!
  • Getting my Masters will make me happy – Not yet…so far it’s made me really busy!

The list goes on!

The journey has morphed from physical health to mental as well.  I find that I am searching within and really thinking about life and my focus.  Today my happiness is a result of knowing I have control over my life.  I guess you could say I am being more assertive with myself.  I spend my time where I want to (family!), I maintain a healthy reasonable diet, I have  a maintainable exercise regime, the list goes on.  I have changed my view of myself, and am  becoming ok with being me. 

I believe that happiness is a result of being ok with yourself.  The things that you think make you happy – really take a step back and think about them.  Are you constantly stressed while working toward your goal?  Not to say that I do not experience stress, but these days it is a lot less!

We DO deserve to be happy!! 

This friend of mine is wise.  She looked within and is making a change for her well-being – letting go of social expectations for her own happiness.  Very admirable!

Thanks for reading my happiness rant 🙂


Oh…and my diet and nutrition are going well too! – Thought I had better provide an update…since that what my blog was originally about!


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I am a former figure competitor struggling with finding "normal" ways to train and diet. Follow me in my struggles on my road to recovery. View all posts by worktomend

One response to “Week 9 – Day 3 — Happiness

  • coachchinh

    Honey, you sound happy to me! Yes, happiness comes from within and YES, you are AWESOME just the way you are and I’m glad you’re recognizing that. I used to think that I should act a certain way based on external expectations from others, and it took me a LONG time to realize it’s okay to do what I love. I struggle with happiness all the time but have been very happy and am realizing that it’s a reinforcing cycle: being happy attracts more good things to me which makes me even HAPPIER! So keep smiling and you’ll be just fine 🙂

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