Week 6 – Day 1 — Wants!

Week 6!  I made it to Week 6!

Everything is going well.  I am now up to 4 rounds/circuit, and my diet is going fantastic.  This is such a process.  I am realizing so much.  I feel like I need to get my thoughts out, like there is something fantastic in my head that the world may benefit from.  Ha!!  I feel like I’m going to explode!

I am borderline obsessed with my health.  I think about it constantly.  It consumes me. 

I realized something today.  It is true that we always want what we can’t have.  When I was dieting strictly, I always wanted a treat.  No…I really really wanted a treat.  I wanted a treat so much that I would think about it and think about it, until my “cheat” day.  Then I would eat too much of it. 

Now that I know I can have a treat now and then, I don’t want one.  I really don’t!  I have let go of the strict diet.  I eat clean, but no longer beat myself up about having a piece of chocolate now and then.  I know I can have it, and as a result I rarely do.

I am learning to let go of the wants!  I CAN have it if I really want it.

So if you want something – go get it!  Let go of the restrictions…your wants may disappear.

Take care,


About worktomend

I am a former figure competitor struggling with finding "normal" ways to train and diet. Follow me in my struggles on my road to recovery. View all posts by worktomend

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