Week 4 – Day 7 — Positive vs. Negative Motivation

Here we go!  2012!  What is your New Year’s resolution?  Mine is to get healthy – the right way.  I know it sounds vague, but I am already working toward this goal, and have my resources in place.

This blog is not about New Year’s resolutions though.  I have been thinking today about positive versus negative motivation.  What I mean is, doing something for the right reasons versus the wrong reasons.

I started thinking about the competitions that I have done, how I appeared to be so healthy, so happy, etc.  How did I go from that high, to gaining all the weight back (and then some) and feeling miserable?  This may sound like hocus pocus, but I believe that my negative transformation stems from negative motivation.  I started competing because someone in my past said that I couldn’t do it (there is more to this story…).  I wanted to prove them wrong, very very badly!  I did prove them wrong.  I transformed myself and won an overall title. 

The negative motivation in this case:  Me wanting to throw my achievement in someone else’s face. 

This is completely out of character for me, but this truly was my motivation.  I believe that my negative motivation has led to my current negative result.

I have decided to turn this around.  I am turning it all around!  I am going to get healthy the right way – for my family and me.  I have no other motivation than that.  This is a completely positive experience that I am sure will lead to a positive result!  Positive thinking is powerful and I am going to prove it!

What is your motivation?  What pushes you toward your goals?  Get rid of the negative and embrace the positive, your achievements will be that much sweeter!

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I am a former figure competitor struggling with finding "normal" ways to train and diet. Follow me in my struggles on my road to recovery. View all posts by worktomend

3 responses to “Week 4 – Day 7 — Positive vs. Negative Motivation

  • Bodies Unlimited Personal Training Studios

    That is an awesome article Melissa, I have been a personal trainer – well lets just say for a long time (lol) and the one thing I have really focused on throughout the years is what drives a person, what gives them that motivation to move forward and continue on? Many people have different reasons and different success stories but the most common one is filling a void that occurred somewhere in life. Not saying there is anything wrong with that at all, because at the end of the day it is your body that is healthier and happier. Whatever the reason is for staying in shape and keeping your body happy through proper nutrition and exercise, the fact remains and the important aspect is that you have succeeded.
    Many of my clients have shared similar stories with me such as in your post and although some would say it is not morally correct, I would have to beg to differ and say it has probably given that person closure for one reason or another. So once that “void” is fulfilled what will then motivate that person to continue on? Well like you said the reason and the purpose you did it. So, in reality am I contradicting myself? Yes and No. Here is why. You wanted so badly to prove someone wrong that you did what it took to make it to the top and you did make it to the top. Did you do it the correct way, well judging by what you wrote no, but than again you won. Here was in my eyes your downfall. You did win and you knew that in your heart so in your mind the battle was over and you gave up. Now you must once again climb that hill to the top, but this time for you and no one else. Do it for all the right reasons, look at that picture day after day and heck take a new picture of what you look like now. Post them in your bathroom by the sink where you brush your teeth and everyday wake up to those photos knowing that you can do this. Your not alone on this journey always remember that. Any advice I can offer feel free to contact me. Thanks for reading my comment.
    Tim Taylor
    (770) 256-0715

    • worktomend

      Thanks Tim! You are 100% correct. I had a goal, reached it, and was done. I had nothing more pushing me forward. Through a lot of internal inspection and dialogue, I have realized that I need to do this for reasons that truly matter to me. Now, I feel like I can take on the world 🙂 I have more focus than ever before. Thank you for your kind words.

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