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Week 8 – Day 7 — Being “Present”

Do you ever feel like you’re just present? Like you’re there where you’re supposed to be, but you’re not really fully there?

When I was training for a show…I think this started happening to me – and then it continued for a long time after. I would be at work or at a family function and be somewhere else mentally. I’d be thinking about when I would get my workout in that day, or where I could get some broccoli and chicken!!

I’m working on being in the moment – on being physically and mentally present. Suddenly my weekends at home with my little guy mean so much more!!! I am really learning to cherish these times and making sure take it all in 100%.

Wow! What a journey this is. I’m learning a lot!

Until next time!

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When I talk about metabolism, I am talking about health and preventing diseases; not getting ripped abs, working out like a maniac and counting calories. Also, I am not big on showing off a million references to scientific studies because there is a study that proves the opposite of everything these days; and each and every one just leads to arguing and comparing.

Rest assured, I have done my research and have referenced some of my favorites; I only talk about things that have been proven to be so and what follows is what makes the most sense to me and works best for my clients and myself. If you wish to learn more than you can research the topics that interest you, just be ready to sort through 1,000s of articles that contradict one another.

If you’ve read Parts I & II  on “Is your Metabolism Healthy?”, then you…

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I found this really interesting… I need to sleep more!

Busy Mom of Three

I can’t say more than what was written in this article. If you have more ideas please feel free to share your ideas. Thank you for stopping by and for reading, I hope that you find something helpful during this visit 🙂


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Week 8 – Day 1 — Guilt Free Calorie Packed Weekend!!

Wow…Week 8 of good eating and exercising.  Am I on a healthy track?  I think so!  Am I learning how to maintain balance…getting there! 

This weekend I let loose.  I really did.  I went out for dinner with friends and ended up drinking a lot of gin and soda – and actually went dancing.  It has been awhile!  I was home by midnight but in the short time that I was gone I was at 4 pubs, ate pizza, Oreos, and came home with someone else’s jacket!  What a night.  I am hoping my to get MY jacket back from the coat check…I really hope it is still there!

You know what?  I don’t feel guilty about it at all.  I think I needed it.  If this was last fall, I would feel guilty for days and try to compensate training harder and cutting calories.  No more beating myself up!  Everyone needs to have fun once in a while!

I am starting to focus less on diet and nutrition.  Now that is a sign of success!!

Ok Week 8 – I am going to take you by storm!!

How does everyone out there deal with diet guilt?  Do you have any strategies? 

Take care!


Week 7 – Day 3 — General Wellness

“How have you been?”  What a loaded question!  I always smile and answer it without thinking.  “Not bad!”, “Great!”, “Same old, same old”….

Today someone asked me this standard pleasantry.  I felt he had a genuine interest, so I gave him a genuine answer.  Can you guess what it was?   


Ha!  In all seriousness, that was my response and it was a quick one.  Ironic?  Somewhat.  The difference is that this time around my answer wasn’t empty.  I thought about it and came to the conclusion that  I have created for myself a general feeling of wellness.

For me a general feeling of wellness is feeling positive, on top of things, sharp, playful, etc.  I attribute this all to the journey that I have been on for the past 6.5 weeks.  I feel like I am regaining control.  My mind is right – I am beginning to understand the importance of balance. 

So why am I so content?  What has this journey done for me?  Well, how about a pie analogy (who doesn’t love pie?)  If I were a pie with many pieces, each piece representing a part of my identity, what would each piece be? 

 My focus has shifted to the things in my life that are the most important.  I have let go of my belief that competing is part of who I am, and have placed that energy where it needs to be.  No more worrying about getting the exercise in and eating chicken!

This road that I am on is a great one…things are being put into perspective.  And… I feel great!

Week 6 – Day 7 — Progress!

This is working!  And I have proof!

Last Friday was a day filled with meetings.  I was not able to maintain my food timings.  I missed one snack, and my lunch was very rushed.  At the end of the day I was shaky… I haven’t felt like that in a long time.  Usually, on days like this, I would call it an “off” day and run home to eat everything in sight.  I would promise myself that the next day I would stick very strictly to the diet. 

But not last Friday.  Last Friday, I picked up my nutrition plan right where I left off.  I finished the day eating what I was supposed to, and did not stray from it.  I rode this wave for the rest of the weekend.  Success!  This process is working!!  I am retraining my mind and my relationship with food. 

I am more motivated than ever before.

Let’s go Week 7!


Week 6 – Day 4 — Mental State = Positive

It is so snowy outside!  I’m talking blizzard conditions!

This has been a good week so far.  My diet is going well and the circuits are still good.  As I’ve written before, this is becoming more of a mental journey than anything else.

A friend and I often meet for coffee and discuss our issues with nutrition and training.  She is in the same boat as me – former body-builder with slowed metabolism as a result of drastically losing weight.  The last time we met, there just happened to be a local university newspaper on the table at the coffee shop.  Low and behold…there was an article titled “It’s Not About Food”.  That article was meant to be there, I just know it!

The article was about a support group for university students with food issues.  The group meets one night a week for 6 weeks.  Well, didn’t we jump at the chance to contact the author of the article!!  We have now been accepted as members of the group.  I am really excited about it.  I am so looking forward to meeting other people with the same issues as me.

We may also get the chance to speak to a group of nursing students about our story.  This is great!  I hope that our respective stories will help others to understand what can happen with a drastic weight loss.  Not only physically, but mentally too. 

My current mental state = positive. 

Take care,


Another great article… There seem to be more and more along this theme lately!

Week 6 – Day 1 — Wants!

Week 6!  I made it to Week 6!

Everything is going well.  I am now up to 4 rounds/circuit, and my diet is going fantastic.  This is such a process.  I am realizing so much.  I feel like I need to get my thoughts out, like there is something fantastic in my head that the world may benefit from.  Ha!!  I feel like I’m going to explode!

I am borderline obsessed with my health.  I think about it constantly.  It consumes me. 

I realized something today.  It is true that we always want what we can’t have.  When I was dieting strictly, I always wanted a treat.  No…I really really wanted a treat.  I wanted a treat so much that I would think about it and think about it, until my “cheat” day.  Then I would eat too much of it. 

Now that I know I can have a treat now and then, I don’t want one.  I really don’t!  I have let go of the strict diet.  I eat clean, but no longer beat myself up about having a piece of chocolate now and then.  I know I can have it, and as a result I rarely do.

I am learning to let go of the wants!  I CAN have it if I really want it.

So if you want something – go get it!  Let go of the restrictions…your wants may disappear.

Take care,


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