Week 4 – Day 4 — Sobering Reality or Boost to Motivation?

I read something today that was a bit discouraging.  It is called “The Fat Trap” and was blogged about earlier today.  If you search it up, you will find it (I’m still trying to figure this blogging thing out – not hard to tell eh?)

The jist of the blog reinforced what I have been thinking is my issue all along.  Dieting – any kind of dieting – causes hormonal changes in the body.  Strict dieting for a prolonged period of time results in drastic hormonal changes, including those that affect hunger and metabolism.  The body protects itself by altering hormone levels – and the final result is normally increased body weight. 

I wish I could tell my body that I am not going to put it through another dieting episode.  I am going to try and get my point across through eating good whole foods and not being too restrictive.  Perhaps my body will come around and realize that I am not going to bully it anymore :).

In the beginning of this post I stated that the blog was somewhat discouraging.  Well, the discouraging part read like this “This translates into a sobering reality: once we become fat, most of us, despite our best efforts, will probably stay fat”.  I disagree with this.  Actually, I completely disagree with this!  I am well aware that I have altered my hormone levels, but I am adamant about the fact that I will get them back to normal!

This has turned into a rant…

Is there anyone else out there who has worked themselves into this unique post-diet metabolic state?  We will get through this.  I think I have enough positivity for all of us!

Take care,


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One response to “Week 4 – Day 4 — Sobering Reality or Boost to Motivation?

  • Peter @ MoreApplesADay

    This type of article is very misleading as it seeks to deter those seeking a health focused lifestyle once and for all and it even instills the belief in those who have constantly been failing with their diets, that it is just impossible. There is no fat trap.

    From what I have come to understand, through a lot of research and being a health enthusiast, these hormonal changes are caused mostly by the foods we decided to eat prior and even lose weight quickly. If you decide to devour foods that lack nutrition and are mostly composed of manmade chemicals, it will affect your entire body.

    A lot interesting points come up about estrogen, and other hormones, but when you lose weight, your system can indeed often become flooded with hormones. Estrogen can be stored in fat cells, probably other hormones too, and when you finally do take that step to get healthier, wham, you are hit with an immense hormonal response.

    Losing weight quickly puts your body under immense stress, especially when you rely on dietary supplements. Your body, especially your kidneys, have to get rid of all the waste products from that rapid tissue breakdown.

    Choose naturally healthy foods and both your weight and health will improve.

    I write a lot posts about this stuff, so if you are interested, check out my sit…

    Best wishes.

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