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Emotional Eating – What are you really hungry for?

When I was overweight – no matter how much food I ate – the sensation of hunger was never far away. I would hardly eat during the day and the hunger made me crave all the wrong foods because they somehow made me feel better. I didn’t always feel ‘well’ after eating those foods, but for a short time I didn’t feel so empty.

Every meal was hurried. I ate as if I was ravenous and I ate quickly to fill my belly and hide the evidence. I ate mostly alone and in secret, out of shame and fear of another’s judgement – even dinner with family and friends could be excruciating. I would eat a great deal more than my body needed because I would spend most of my time during the day thinking about food while…

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I am a former figure competitor struggling with finding "normal" ways to train and diet. Follow me in my struggles on my road to recovery. View all posts by worktomend

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