Week 3 – Day 2 “Positivity”

Hello! Happy almost holidays!

I had an excellent day today. My mind was right, concentration was fantastic, and my positivity through the roof. I don’t know if it is due to my upcoming vacation or a new found zest? Likely the vacation… πŸ˜‰

I am posting this as I’m riding a stationary bike at the gym. Talk about multi-tasking! This may be a short one!

This road to recovery is feeling better as the days go by. My cravings are decreasing and I’m feeling better in my clothes. I wore a shirt today that I haven’t been able to wear in about 7 months. Now…if any of you have had this experience, you know how great that feels! Maybe that is the reason for my perkiness! Is it possible to have this happen only 2.2 weeks in? (probably not… But I’m going to teeter on the positive side).

I really truly whole-heartedly believe that positivity is the key here. This past summer I was very negative and hard on myself. I thought that the only way to be happy again would be to compete and get back down to a lower weight. So I started training again and dieting again. I was reeved up. I was determined. Then 8 weeks in decided to check my progress by stepping on the scale. I had actually gained…something that should have been impossible. I was shocked and felt hopeless. I knew there was something wrong. I fell into a sort of sadness. Then I smartened up. I decided to train my body to get back to normal…instead of punishing it with tons of exercise and too clean eating, I am scaling back and feeling great! My positive outlook is keeping me going.

Is anyone out there struggling with motivation? Trying so hard but not seeing results? Keep your chin up. Take care of your mind and body…the rest will fall into place.

Wow this was tough to write on my phone! I’m getting some funny looks at the gym. Ah well! To each their own!

Take care,



About worktomend

I am a former figure competitor struggling with finding "normal" ways to train and diet. Follow me in my struggles on my road to recovery. View all posts by worktomend

4 responses to “Week 3 – Day 2 “Positivity”

  • andy1076

    About 10 years ago, i weighed 310 pounds and wore size 38 jeans, even then i complained that i was fooling myself pretending that i was alright. But, after getting problems with breathing and heart issues i decided i had to make a change and am now wearing size 32 jeans and feeling great! it REALLY does help you feel more positive about life and break through all the limits you thought were there πŸ™‚ glad to hear it’s working out for you πŸ™‚

    • worktomend

      Wow! That is incredible! You must feel great! What a positive change you made. You must be grinning from ear to ear πŸ™‚ I would be! I agree, being positive definitely helps. It is my new mantra. I wish you all the best! Your progress is amazing, and something to be very proud of. Maintaining is an art – something that you have mastered πŸ™‚

  • goddesschinh

    Hi! I don’t know if this will help, but sometimes you just gotta take it easy on yourself. This may not be as relevant if you’re trying to rev up to start competing again, but it’s helpful sometimes to take a step back and just appreciate that we’re human and we’re not perfect. Even lowering your standards, as crazy as that sounds, helps sometimes too. And then of course continuing to eat right and exercise, and trying not to focus on the end result but focusing on how good it makes you feel. Positivity is awesome, don’t focus on what’s wrong with your body but on what’s right. Keep your chin up!

  • Wivan

    I believe very much in finding a balance. Check out this video!

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