Week 2 – Day 7 – “Indulgences” lol!!

Well here it is – the end of week 2.  I’m feeling good.  I am finding that during the week I can follow the diet no problem, but the weekends are another story!  Now, I really need to qualify that.  My out of control weekends include indulging in a bit of chocolate and having a piece of cake at a grad party – and not a REAL piece of cake, only half of a normal size one.  Yet, because of my little indulgences, I have likely been set back in my endeavor to take some weight off.  Many many lucky people out there, with lightening fast metabolisms would be able to have these treats without blinking an eye.

Argh.  This process is equal parts mental, emotional and physical. 

Mental – Trying to convince myself that eating a treat is not a bad thing…heck, that eating a banana is not a bad thing!!!!  That  must sound so crazy.  It is true though, for nearly a year I would only have a banana on a ‘cheat’ day.

Emotional – Knowing that this is a long road that is going to take a lot of dedication.  I cannot get into the habit of emotional eating.  I need to stick to the plan if I want to get better.

Physical – This I can handle.  For some reason the training is natural to me.  I like it.  It makes me feel like I can justify everything else in this process.

Wow.  I have done a number on myself!  My fixation on food and exercise is definitely out of the ordinary.  I trained myself to be this way, now I have to train myself out of it 🙂 

Onward and upward!  Here I come week 3!  I am feeling a bit more on the healthy side these past few weeks, so I think things are looking up!  This is a lifestyle…this is a lifestyle…This is a lifestyle…

Take care,



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I am a former figure competitor struggling with finding "normal" ways to train and diet. Follow me in my struggles on my road to recovery. View all posts by worktomend

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