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This is a great view of fast weight loss plans…

My Fast Weight Loss Tale

One of the most common experiences with weight loss is that up-and-down feeling associated with continuing long-term results. For several weeks a year you might be flying high with great results that sees you feeling better than ever. But for the rest of the time you could see a fluctuation in your weight that leaves you mystified and frustrated. This is extremely common and one of the things that leads people embarrassed about even trying to lose weight in the first place. There’s nothing worse than returning to someone you haven’t seen in quite some time and revealing that you gain all that weight back. Or maybe you feel bad about bragging about your new fast weight loss program because it’s obviously not working anymore. People have to swallow a lot of pride when they gain weight back and it’s just the beginning of the problems associated with overall health…

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Week 4 – Day 4 — Sobering Reality or Boost to Motivation?

I read something today that was a bit discouraging.  It is called “The Fat Trap” and was blogged about earlier today.  If you search it up, you will find it (I’m still trying to figure this blogging thing out – not hard to tell eh?)

The jist of the blog reinforced what I have been thinking is my issue all along.  Dieting – any kind of dieting – causes hormonal changes in the body.  Strict dieting for a prolonged period of time results in drastic hormonal changes, including those that affect hunger and metabolism.  The body protects itself by altering hormone levels – and the final result is normally increased body weight. 

I wish I could tell my body that I am not going to put it through another dieting episode.  I am going to try and get my point across through eating good whole foods and not being too restrictive.  Perhaps my body will come around and realize that I am not going to bully it anymore :).

In the beginning of this post I stated that the blog was somewhat discouraging.  Well, the discouraging part read like this “This translates into a sobering reality: once we become fat, most of us, despite our best efforts, will probably stay fat”.  I disagree with this.  Actually, I completely disagree with this!  I am well aware that I have altered my hormone levels, but I am adamant about the fact that I will get them back to normal!

This has turned into a rant…

Is there anyone else out there who has worked themselves into this unique post-diet metabolic state?  We will get through this.  I think I have enough positivity for all of us!

Take care,


Week 4 – Day 1 — Internal Dialogue

I read something recently that has been stuck in my head: “If you have an internal dialogue when eating anything, then you have a problem”.  I deal with this everyday! 

I just ate my breakfast:  3 Wasa crisps with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter, and 1 cup of strawberries. 

My internal dialogue:  “There’s a lot of fat in the peanut butter.  I wonder if I should skip the strawberries?  Ooohhh…those Christmas chocolates look good.  No, I won’t have one.  There’s an anniversary party today, I’ll have  treat there”. 

I agree that this is a problem.  It is going to be a long journey to get to a place where my diet does not control my life.  I will get there though, and it will be amazing!

Do you have a similar internal dialogue?  What are your strategies for quashing it?

The holidays are almost done for another year.  It has been filled with family, smiles, and a lot of food!  I think that letting go of the diet over the holidays is smart.  Otherwise, the restricting may lead to overindulging.  It also let me enjoy my time, without having to worry about what I was going to eat at a family function (although…you know that I did anyway – habit!)

Thanks everyone for your kind comments and input.  This blogging experience has been excellent so far.  It is therapeutic! 

Take care,


Week 3 – Day 4 — Bump


Well, today I fell off the wagon.  I made brownies last night…and ate a FEW of them today.  I immediately felt terrible.  Guilty, upset that I ate them, you know the drill.

But, you know what?  It wasn’t even that bad!  I have to follow my own words and get my mind right.  Beating myself up about a treat is not going to get me anywhere!  So, I have stopped.  I am now back on the wagon.  This was just a little bump.  Onward and upward!

Today I had a brownie

Chocolatey and sweet!

Tomorrow is a new day

I will not have a treat!

The holidays are such a difficult time to stick to a diet.  I will do the best that I can…and not beat myself up about a treat here and there 🙂 

Is anyone else having the same struggles?  What are your strategies?

Take care,


This is an excellent post. It is so heartfelt! And true!!!

MindBodyFood Blog


Emotional Eating – What are you really hungry for?

When I was overweight – no matter how much food I ate – the sensation of hunger was never far away. I would hardly eat during the day and the hunger made me crave all the wrong foods because they somehow made me feel better. I didn’t always feel ‘well’ after eating those foods, but for a short time I didn’t feel so empty.

Every meal was hurried. I ate as if I was ravenous and I ate quickly to fill my belly and hide the evidence. I ate mostly alone and in secret, out of shame and fear of another’s judgement – even dinner with family and friends could be excruciating. I would eat a great deal more than my body needed because I would spend most of my time during the day thinking about food while…

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Week 3 – Day 2 “Positivity”

Hello! Happy almost holidays!

I had an excellent day today. My mind was right, concentration was fantastic, and my positivity through the roof. I don’t know if it is due to my upcoming vacation or a new found zest? Likely the vacation… 😉

I am posting this as I’m riding a stationary bike at the gym. Talk about multi-tasking! This may be a short one!

This road to recovery is feeling better as the days go by. My cravings are decreasing and I’m feeling better in my clothes. I wore a shirt today that I haven’t been able to wear in about 7 months. Now…if any of you have had this experience, you know how great that feels! Maybe that is the reason for my perkiness! Is it possible to have this happen only 2.2 weeks in? (probably not… But I’m going to teeter on the positive side).

I really truly whole-heartedly believe that positivity is the key here. This past summer I was very negative and hard on myself. I thought that the only way to be happy again would be to compete and get back down to a lower weight. So I started training again and dieting again. I was reeved up. I was determined. Then 8 weeks in decided to check my progress by stepping on the scale. I had actually gained…something that should have been impossible. I was shocked and felt hopeless. I knew there was something wrong. I fell into a sort of sadness. Then I smartened up. I decided to train my body to get back to normal…instead of punishing it with tons of exercise and too clean eating, I am scaling back and feeling great! My positive outlook is keeping me going.

Is anyone out there struggling with motivation? Trying so hard but not seeing results? Keep your chin up. Take care of your mind and body…the rest will fall into place.

Wow this was tough to write on my phone! I’m getting some funny looks at the gym. Ah well! To each their own!

Take care,


Week 2 – Day 7 – “Indulgences” lol!!

Well here it is – the end of week 2.  I’m feeling good.  I am finding that during the week I can follow the diet no problem, but the weekends are another story!  Now, I really need to qualify that.  My out of control weekends include indulging in a bit of chocolate and having a piece of cake at a grad party – and not a REAL piece of cake, only half of a normal size one.  Yet, because of my little indulgences, I have likely been set back in my endeavor to take some weight off.  Many many lucky people out there, with lightening fast metabolisms would be able to have these treats without blinking an eye.

Argh.  This process is equal parts mental, emotional and physical. 

Mental – Trying to convince myself that eating a treat is not a bad thing…heck, that eating a banana is not a bad thing!!!!  That  must sound so crazy.  It is true though, for nearly a year I would only have a banana on a ‘cheat’ day.

Emotional – Knowing that this is a long road that is going to take a lot of dedication.  I cannot get into the habit of emotional eating.  I need to stick to the plan if I want to get better.

Physical – This I can handle.  For some reason the training is natural to me.  I like it.  It makes me feel like I can justify everything else in this process.

Wow.  I have done a number on myself!  My fixation on food and exercise is definitely out of the ordinary.  I trained myself to be this way, now I have to train myself out of it 🙂 

Onward and upward!  Here I come week 3!  I am feeling a bit more on the healthy side these past few weeks, so I think things are looking up!  This is a lifestyle…this is a lifestyle…This is a lifestyle…

Take care,



Week 2 – Day 4

Today was a good day. The diet is becoming second nature, and it isn’t overly restrictive which is good. The training is great too! Nothing like being done in 45 minutes!

I went to see a naturopath today. She got me to place my hand on a device that spits out what your body is in need of for supplements. It was really neat. It seems my body needs B-5, Ginko Biloba and All Cell Detox. She basically said that I am toxic. This came as no surprise. With all of the stress my body has been in when competing over the past few years it was almost expected. It almost felt like validation – like someone was finally telling me “No, you’re not crazy! There is definitely something wrong!”

Anyhow, I am now on a supplement cocktail. I hope that it makes me feel better and give my metabolism a kick start! Here goes!

Well, two weeks in…and feeling good! Here’s hoping this slow metabolism of mine kicks it into high gear!

Take care,


Week 2 – Day 3

Being back on the “diet” train is hard on the head.  Prepping food is time-consuming, and a bit frustrating!  However, I have been saving money by not buying lunch throughout the day at work.  I will stick with it though.  This is one time where my stubborness is a good thing!!  It’s me against my metabolism!  Who will win?

The training is going well…so far so good.  I am able to do my workouts at home (which I love)!  I also have a little bit of a fear of getting back to the gym, so it is actually working out really well for me.  I am hoping to see some results soon so that I can not be so hard on myself. 

That’s another thing – guaging results.  How will I do it?  I am definitely staying away from the scale.  I think I’ll go by the way my clothes fit.  NOT my clothes from when I was competing of course!!  That would make me lose my mind for sure!!

Any figure competitors out there with a slowed metabolism?  If so, chime in!  I would love to discuss this experience with someone. 

Take care,


Week 2 – Day 1

After a weekend of Christmas parties, it was great to get back on track.  I am surprised by the amount of food in my diet (all clean).  It is a lot!!!  I don’t think I’ve ever eaten this much food. 

From what I hear, when trying to recover from a slow metabolism, you gain before you start to see progress….this will be difficult for me, but I am definitely ready and willing to take this long journey.  I just want to be back in the days where I could eat like everyone else!

I’m liking the circuit training.  It’s quick, but isn’t easy.  I’ve been working out at home after my little guy goes to bed.  That way I don’t lose my time with him.

I am hesitant to get back to the gym though.  It’s hard to walk in there.  It sounds ridiculous, but it feels like people expect you to look a certain way after you have competed.  I’ll get back there full force some day.  Positivity is the key!

Again, if any of you out there are experiencing a slowed metabolism after competing, please join the discussion!  We can bounce ideas off each other 🙂

Until next time!


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